Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. Hubert Givenchy, designer, 1927 -

Blogger friend, Carol, over at Magistramater, asked about my hair and I thought it might be a fun topic for conversation.

The answer to the question of how much time it takes for me to get smooth hair each day is *not much* Truth be known, I have STICK STRAIGHT hair. Once my uncle asked if I ironed it! The last time my hair was truly fashionable without any effort was 1965, when long and stringy was the style.

At any rate, I *do* my hair EVERY DAY because it looks soooooo badly, if I dont, that it dampens my mood. I once read that if one had to choose between a new dress and a fresh hairstyle that paying attention to one's hair would create a better payoff. I cant find the source of that quote, but for me it rings true.

Here's an entry where I bragged on my hairdresser. I never leave the shop without having made my next appointment.

Here's a bad hair day picture:

So... my secret for smooth hair...........hairspray. Yup. Tacky, I know.

Do you use it?


  1. My hair needs a lot of work right now. I have a wonderful hairdresser but last year she let a younger girl mix the color and we have spent the last few times trying to straighten that out. It is really a crying shame since my hair always looked very natural and now I look like a platinum blond. I always find myself wanting to explain my hair to people now. But I don't, it would be bad manners.

    I wear it long because my dh insists.

  2. You sure look cute in your baseball hat :o)

    I like to pull my hair into a pony tail for comfort...but Katie tells me it looks much nicer down.

    My hair looks much nicer when it is blown dry and not wavy.

    My blonde highlights do wonders for my appearance...and I will continue to do that!

    I'm glad I got brave and added the hightlights.