Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Dormouse and the Doctor

There once was a Dormouse who lived in a bedOf delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red),And all the day long he'd a wonderful viewOf geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue).

A Doctor came hurrying round, and he said:"Tut-tut, I am sorry to find you in bed. Just say 'Ninety-nine,' while I look at your chest. . . . Don't you find that chrysanthemums answer the best?"

The Dormouse looked round at the view and replied(When he'd said "Ninety-nine") that he'd tried and he'd tried,And much the most answering things that he knew Were geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue).The Doctor stood frowning and shaking his head,And he took up his shiny silk hat as he said:"What the patient requires is a change," and he wentTo see some chrysanthemum people in Kent.The Dormouse lay there, and he gazed at the viewOf geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue),And he knew there was nothing he wanted insteadOf delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red).

The Doctor came back and, to show what he meant,He had brought some chrysanthemum cuttings from Kent."Now these," he remarked, "give a much better viewThan geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue)."They took out their spades and they dug up the bedOf delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red),And they planted chrysanthemums (yellow and white)."And now," said the Doctor, "we'll soon have you right."The Dormouse looked out, and he said with a sigh: "I suppose all these people know better than I. It was silly, perhaps, but I did like the view Of geraniums (red) and delphiniums (blue)."The Doctor came round and examined his chest,And ordered him Nourishment, Tonics, and Rest."How very effective," he said, as he shookThe thermometer, "all these chrysanthemums look!"The Dormouse turned over to shut out the sightOf the endless chrysanthemums (yellow and white)."How lovely," he thought, "to be back in a bedOf delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)."

The Doctor said, "Tut! It's another attack!"And ordered him Milk and Massage-of-the-back,And Freedom-from-worry and Drives-in-a-car,And murmured, "How sweet your chrysanthemums are!"

The Dormouse lay there with his paws to his eyes, And imagined himself such a pleasant surprise: "I'll pretend the chrysanthemums turn to a bed Of delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red)!"

The Doctor next morning was rubbing his hands,And saying, "There's nobody quite understandsThese cases as I do! The cure has begun!How fresh the chrysanthemums look in the sun!"The Dormouse lay happy, his eyes were so tightHe could see no chrysanthemums, yellow or white.And all that he felt at the back of his headWere delphiniums (blue) and geraniums (red).

And that is the reason (Aunt Emily said) If a Dormouse gets in a chrysanthemum bed, You will find (so Aunt Emily says) that he lies Fast asleep on his front with his paws to his eyes.

Alan Alexander Milne
1882 - 1956

Yup, that's the idea! Delphiniums and Geraniums for my container gardening.

Delphiniums (blue)!

Geraniums (red)!

I'm heading to the market for seedlings.

While I have seen a chipmunk around my flowers and birdseed on the back deck, I've never met a dormouse.

Have you?


  1. Talk about coincidences -- this was our poem for yesterday! Delightful.

    Poor little dormouse. No, I've never met one but I don't mind the ones that live in the garden or the pasture -- it's the ones that live in the house I take issue with.

  2. Love the dormouse poem. I use the phrase 'delphiniums blue' all the time and even have an email with that address.

  3. I'm thinking I should be reprimanded for not taking the time to space the poem properly.

    Kelly tried to explain it to me in an earlier comment, but I'm still learning HTML.

    I know poets like for their work to be presented a certain way on the page :)

    I do...and I'm not a poet.