Friday, November 07, 2008

Billy Graham

Since today is his 90th birthday, let's tell stories of how or when this famous preacher influenced our lives.

Unfortunately, I have a critical nature, and so, I tended to pick at Mr. Graham's theology. Then I became intrigued with his family, particularly Anne Lotz, and later his wife and her poetry.

I never went to one of his crusades.

But one of my life goal's is to be influential for the Lord in my 90th year.

Maybe I should take a second look at Mr. Graham's approach.

What do you think?


  1. Well, Dana, I have always been tempted to criticize him also but it has been tempered by the fact that my parents were saved at a crusade in Cincinnati the year I was born. They went forward and it 'stuck'. Just like my f-i-l was saved in a foxhole during WWII and it lasted.

    Tim and I grew up attending Lake Swan Camp in Fl and Dr Graham was said to have started his preaching their by preaching to the trees.

  2. Exactly what I was hoping to hear, Cindy! Thanks for sharing.

    After I finished writing and reflected on my comments, I chastised myself about being *influential for the Lord* now! not just in my old age :)

  3. Here's a story: when I was twelve (12!) I was trained to be a counselor for a Billy Graham crusade in Chicago. It was a bit awkward for the middle-aged mamas who came forward and had to speak! I remember writing follow-up notes encouraging them.

    I don't know if its apocryphal, but my uncle (who name drops even more than I do) says that my grandpa (who led a Bible study that Jim Elliot went to) met BG in his youth and influenced him in some nebulous way. Grandpa's brothers sneered at his preaching ministry until they found out that Billy Graham thought highly of him.

    The whole family is very interesting, no? One of the kids is Plymouth Brethren, my spiritual background.

  4. Wonderful family lore, Carol. You have a rich religious background :)

  5. My dear husband, Joe, was meant to be "the next Billy Graham," all who heard him preach as a young man said. He had the fire, the presence, the voice, the charisma--he didn't turn out as predicted, but God has used him in different ways to impact lives for the Gospel. Mr. Graham has been mightily used by God and I thank the Lord for His life, ministry and testimony.

  6. Dana,
    For some reason I always write 'their' when typing too fast. I do know the difference between the words.

  7. Funny, Cindy! I had to go back and re-read your comment TWICE before I *saw* it.

    Oh, Becky!! Wouldnt that have been a treat: to have heard JCM preach as a youngster.