Wednesday, November 19, 2008


November wears a Paisley shawl
To keep ker sagging shoulders warm.
Her bonnet's decked with rusty flowers,
An apple basket's on her arm,
And with a dusty, rustly sound
Her wide skirts sweep along the ground.

She trudges up the sunset hills,
In spite of winds a-blowing,
To seek a shelter on beyond -
She must know where she's going -
For, wrapped in Paisley red and brown,
She rustles, rustles through the town.

Hilda Morris

Aside from the fact that I like red and brown together, I was taken with this short poem found in Favorite Poems for the Children's Hour (1967).

The line that I am pondering today is *She must know where she's going*

I do.

Do you?


  1. Never heard it before but I love that poem. I am going to print it and add it to our November memory file. Thank-you.

    I know where I am going :)

  2. I am neglecting my duties at the office while I feverishly search for Hilda Morris's bio...

    I found an artist from the Pacific NW, but I think this poet is more likely the English one I found.

    I will post more about her when I've confirmed the information.

    I like that paisley so much I'm going to try and make it my *header* I may have to call DD#2, the graphic designer/artist.

  3. I like paisley a lot, and I like the poem, too. November is probably my favorite month - I like the colder temperatures and Thanksgiving.

  4. Dana,
    Can I use the picture( & poem) in a file I want to share of Thanksgiving songs and poems that I have on my computer? I want to do a file share.

  5. Please go ahead and use the poem/picture, Cindy.

    The print is not mine, just fyi....

  6. That is a really nice poem, Dana. I don't recall reading it though I have a nice collection of holidays poetry books. I may try to locate the book you found it in; does it have many other unknown poetry pieces that you have enjoyed?

  7. Beautiful, poem, Dana! I love the paisley, too. I made a shawl out of a similar pattern for one of my daughters, with a rich fringe at the ends. It was a simple rectangle, and turned out similar to a pashmina, which is a very popular style right now.

  8. Gorgeous paisley! And I'm so glad you found this poem -- there are so few happy November poems.