Friday, November 14, 2008

Fashion on Fridays

Last month I attempted the great *switcheroo*. That is, reworking my closet for the new season and storing the off-season clothing elsewhere.

While I did not complete the task, I did discover some fine additions to my Fall wardrobe that had not been worn in years!!

Highlighted is a paisley jacket from Orvis, a hand-me-down, from my clothes broker. I've worn it with a brown skirt to church and brown corduroy pants for those weekday errands.

Be entertained by this link to a poll about Michelle Obama's style. I cant say that I would buy any of her outfits, but I'm going to be watching her fashion and her parenting..... like a hawk.

Perhaps I will wear more brooches :)

What do you think?


  1. Love the jacket. Seems like jackets are IN now. The new ones in Coldwater Creek, which I don't buy but do look at, are very feminine but maybe not as lasting style-wise. I love jackets and am just getting into long scarves. I got the most compliments on one I bought at Walmart for $5.00.

  2. Oh, yes! love, love scarves, Cindy :)

    Found some inexpensive longs ones (tubes) at the drugstore and wear them alot when walking.

  3. I love jackets and cardigans - they're must-haves at church.

    I'd love to see a picture of your log cabin blanket/quilt. I finished block 4 - again by tying in saved scrap ends - and am on Block 5 now. I *think* I have enough yarn for this block.

    I don't know if Auburn will even TRY to beat the Bulldogs today. We aren't a very good team this year, and lately it seems as though we come to the field already defeated.

    WAR EAGLE!!! anyway!

  4. Laura,
    Christopher was at the game, dressed in black and red:) He had a great time but he sat in the Auburn student section so he had to stand the whole time.

    That game was too close for comfort. Just another typical GA outing.