Friday, November 21, 2008

Fashion Brooches

Sitting in my jewelry drawer is this gaudy looking pin I bought about five years ago in the gift shop of a tea room.

I wore it boldly then.... on the lapel of a purple flannel wool jacket. I should find y'all a picture. It looked good :)

But it's time to wear this brooch again.

Have you noticed how prevalent pins/brooches are now that Michelle Obama wore them so fashionably on the campaign trail?

Even if you resist wearing one (just because), I'll bet there's one in your jewelry box.

There's probably a story behind it.

Did it belong to a grandmother?

Pray, tell!


  1. I have lots of brooches and pins - can't resist them, especially if I see one in a thrift store!

  2. What no story, Laura?

    Well then, how about a new profile pic showing off your fashion statement :)