Monday, July 01, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Chapter 11

Creative Recreation

Currently I am recreating at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.

Which means that I am resting per Edith:

a sliding away from daily tensions and worries, changing my perspective, emptying my mind of the daily grind,

 releasing and producing creative energy.

Which, in turn, is the result of original ideas, creatively planned not only by the Callaway family (who preserved and developed the area)

but also my parents who for the past 25 years have gathered their six children (and spouses) plus their 29 grandchildren (and spouses)  together annually for resting.

While here I plan to explore the nature trails, visit the horticultural center, watch the butterflies, and attend the birds of prey demonstration.  That's just the beginning of getting outside, out of doors, and doing something different.

My parents took the challenge and developed it, as Edith suggests, giving memories of a childhood to the children of their children... not just watching it on a screen.

CWAC = Cousins Week at Callaway

Thanks to BaaBee and DanDan!!

and the Callaway Family ~

Whose purpose in establishing the Gardens
 is to provide a wholesome environment
 where all may find beauty, relaxation, inspiration,
 and a better understanding of the living world.

This post is written in conjunction with an online book club.  We are reading Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  Cindy Rollins is the hostess/moderator.  Visit her informative blog


  1. Great photo! All the siblings + spouses together, very nice. :) Looking forward to seeing y'all!

  2. Hmm, I thought I commented here. I was saying that your parent's tradition is an inspiration to me. I am praying that someday our family can find a way to do something similar and regular.

  3. Great photo! All the siblings + spouses together, very nice. :) Looking forward to seeing y'all

  4. That is fabulous! What a commitment, investment, and effort from your parents! I do commend them for what they've done for your family. Clearly they understand that it's relationships that matter, and getting together to make memories. Callaway Gardens is a perfect place to do that!

  5. What a wonderful tradition, and legacy from your parents! I have a dream to be able to do something similar for our children and grandchildren. Enjoy your recreating!

  6. What a wonderful idea...and what a beautiful gift from your parents to their descendants! A rich inheritance!

  7. I echo all the comments above, how lovely to have this tradition with your family! Enjoy the time and the memories!