Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Chapter 12


Broadly speaking, author Edith Schaeffer is really addressing communication skills in her timeless book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, which I am reading with Cindy and others for an online book club.

Few things speak more loudly than how we dress.

Because we Christian ladies are representing the Creator, it behooves us to understand that He dresses us and that we should dress for Him.

Once that tone is established, I think most things will fall into place.

Mrs. Schaeffer cautions us to have an approach that is both balanced and serious, yet avoids dogmatism.

She reminds us that fashion can open up lines of communication.  Some governing factors include occupation, climate, appropriateness, comfort, creativity, and beauty.

Finally, Mrs. Schaeffer encourages us to look past the covering and search for what's inside.

Overall, this chapter ties with the one about food as my favorites.  In my blogging, I have referenced them the most.

For a while I had fun highlighting fashion on Fridays.

My premise was to find a piece of clothing that I had not worn in a while and rework it.

Below is the Pantone company's 2013 Spring and Summer recommendations that I am using to organize my closet right now.

I found that by focusing on a seasonal color palette that I felt more stylish. 

 I stopped trying to wear the style (or cut) of attire that was newest and often not flattering to my figure.

 I started highlighting the colors that were more up-to-date.

Off to work now in Monaco Blue and Poppy Red ....

 My jumpers are in the attic  ;-)

Here's a link to fun article about dressing styles ~


  1. I like Edith's general principles for choosing clothing (comfort, beauty etc.), but I find that hard to translate into the actual clothes I wear. It's easier for me to default to just jeans.

    1. I, for one, am very thankful that designers finally came up with *curvy* jeans

  2. I LOVE that outfit! I always enjoyed your fashion posts.

  3. Nice outfit! I'm always so skittish about getting "serious" about fashion. I need to take myself in hand in this matter, since clearly I'm missing out on some amount of fun. I like that color chart!

  4. I, too, love that outfit and am now off to explore some of your fashion posts...

  5. I remember learning, too, that buying what's cheapest is not necessarily the best thing. Finding colors and styles that flatter are a good investment. I've learned about colors - still wrestle with style.

    1. Just gave away four long (maxi) skirts that I'd worn only once or twice. Very fashionable for some, but just make me feeling short(er) - gotta remember it's not my *style* ;-)

  6. I love the color idea, though if you're trying to dress modestly it can hamper what colors you pick. Many times I find something in a great color only to have the neckline plunge down to embarrassing depths or some other problem.

    1. Consider this trick ~ Just this week I wore a sleeveless sweater top backwards! The front neckline scooped too low, so I turn it around :-)

      Because I was inside (with air conditioning) in an office setting, I wore a cardigan.

  7. Dana, you've done a wonderful job summing up this chapter. I wrestled and wrestled and never could write things up the way I wanted, and here you've gone and written it all so beautifully. Thank you!
    I'm off to window shop in your fashion posts!

    1. Thanks! I hope folks pick up the idea that one doesnt have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable and up-to-date.

      One of my favorite ways to use the color palette is with my accessories...

      like a scarf or handbag.

  8. Lovely photo, you look vibrant and joyous and you're heading to work. lol
    Really enjoying these fashion/clothing posts and comments. You ladies are a joy to read.