Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sundays are Special

Each week Sunday's routine is set apart from that of the other six days.  One way we express honor to our King is that we dress differently.

Another way is to enjoy a fellowship meal after congregational worship (sometimes at church, sometimes at home).

Today DD#3 blessed us with her baking skills:

Peaches 'n Pecans Cake

But first we have to eat our vegetables ~

Cauliflower Maranca

Steamed Green Beans

Grilled Yellow Squash

Pickled Okra

Toasted W.W. Biscuits

Sweet Tea



Beans, squash, and tomatoes are compliments of neighbors' gardens.  Pickled okra from the local farmers market.  Peaches and pecans Georgia-grown as well!


  1. YUMmy! Looks delish. Enjoy this beautiful summer Lord's Day!

    1. Keep meaning to tell you that I retrieved your biscuits (from the freezer), split them in halves, buttered, and toasted. A fine complement to our veggie plate ~