Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hidden Art Book Club: Chapter 14


The concluding chapter of Edith Schaeffer's The Hidden Art of Homemaking is a culmination of previous thirteen.

In other words, the sum of the pieces creates the whole.

As we act on our talents (or not), we have a hand in the finished product.

Whether we recognize that principle or not.

Mrs. Schaeffer freshens our understanding of an old truth.

I call it *atmostphere*

That special mood or feeling associated with a place.

our conversations, attitudes, behaviour, response or lack of response, hardness or compassion, our love or selfishness, joy or dullness, our demostrated trust and faith or our continual despondency, our concern for others or our self pity 

-- all these things make a difference to the people who have to live in our environment.

That far-reaching influence is a matter of prayer.

May God through the power of His Holy Spirit allow me to glorify Him in these many areas of my life.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to pray. WE are not without hope :) Also your pearls look nice with your apron. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for participating.

  2. Dana, I think I got an email from your address. Did you send me something, or was it a hack?

  3. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to have a hand in the finished product!

    I have enjoyed hearing your thoughts each week as we have made our way through the book. And I hear that it was your suggestion? Thank you! :)

  4. It has been a wonderful study. Thank you, Dana, for the suggestion to Cindy. It's blessed many of us this summer.