Saturday, June 23, 2007

Historic Jamestown

I was there in 1971!!

It's been interesting to read about the Jamestown quadricentennial celebrations including but not limited to Vision Forum's week-long event. I followed the Queen's visit, read most of what Carmon wrote, just found the Shepherd family pictures, and took issue with one of C S Hayden's de Toqueville quotes.

But really what I'm doing here is making note of the facts that I 1)found this picture, 2)figured out how to scan it, and 3)posted it for all to see.

My! A lot has changed. Including me :)

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  1. Neat picture! Congratulations on figuring out how to post it! :)

    Actually, the pics we link to on our blog are really wimpy. They were put there as a way to communicate to our family our whereabouts on our trip. Many of them don't even have captions because Jay took them and posted them from his phone while driving.

    Jay is actually working on posting better pictures and decent commentary. We hope to get them up within the next few days. It's taken us all week to "recover" from our big trip and we're probably the last people in the blogosphere to get our Jamestown Quadricentennial pictures up!

    Hey, thanks to Carmon, Jay and I met your beloved pastor! (He is a big man!) We also had the pleasure of meeting his lovely bride, who had us all laughing with her story of how she swallowed a mosquito once while singing! I just love a lady who can laugh at herself. :)

    Unrelated -- I love your current picture on your Xanga blog, Dana. You look exquisite in your (what looks on my computer to be) mint green suit with scarf. That photo just says "Atlanta Belle" all over it. :)