Monday, June 11, 2007

Homestead Trail

On Saturday DD#3 and I headed out for a dayhike on the Homestead Trail at Red Top Mountain State Park just a short 30 minute drive from our home.

I had walked this trail with DH about two years ago, so I was comfortable *going it alone.*

Here's a view of the trail, which you can tell is well-traveled, shaded, and not too hilly.

The books classify it as easy.

It is a loop of about 5.5 miles with off-shoots if you want to head down to the lake and cool your feet.

We saw some interesting wildlife: a doe sitting on the top of a hill.

I will have to learn how to enlarge and crop, if you're going to be able to see her in my picture.

And, here's DD#3 catching a tree frog!

Again, I have a picture of the frog but he blends in so well with the leaves that I'm afraid you wouldnt be able to see him without some *photoshopping.*

Where would we hike in your neighborhood?


  1. As you know, Madison is famous for all of it's walking paths.

    We also have some state parks nearby and the Iceage trail.

    I hike from our house to the Walgreens or the knitting store.
    One mile there.
    One mile back :o)

  2. Now I remember sending along that AJC article about all the walking trails in Madison.

    I also just googled the Ice Age Trail. Boy! That thousand miles would keep me busy for a long time!

    There's a new Walgreens opening nearer to me...only 1.5 miles, which makes for a reasonable amount of exercise :)