Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome Home

My hikers are back safe and sound :)

DD#4 may not be pleased with this photo, but I highlight it to help me realize that I cant just condition myself for hiking by walking 5 miles around the track at the park! I have to be able to carry a pack. Hmmmm this is challenging. Note that the pack is not securely fastened. She had already taken it off and I requested that she put it back on for the photo shoot.

Years ago I traveled through Europe with my belongings on my back, alternately staying in hostels or with friends. I wish I could post a picture of me from 1978 and that 26 pound orange pack. You would laugh: I was wearing a matching skirt and jacket and clogs!

What a difference!


  1. Dana,
    When I backpacked around Europe in 1978, I too had an orange backpack.

    We went to Switzerland, Austria and Italy.
    We stayed at youth hostels too!!!

  2. Whoa, Donna! We probably all saw each other and didn't even know it! :-)