Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Callaway Fauna

Duck Family

There is a host of wildlife to see at Callaway Gardens and I captured pictures of only a few.

Besides the ducks, I happened upon a gaggle of Canadian geese who were strangely sunning on a stretch of beach.

Here's a huge turtle of which there were many. Now they didnt make any sound I could detect, but they were worth of a picture.

Although it is very hard to see, there is a bird in the center of this photo. He's on the railing. Can you see him?

I think it is a catbird, whose sound I do recognize, but he was busy pursuing another bird....his companion, I assume.

In addition to self-guided nature walks, there are a host of *Discovery Programs* where educational naturalists conduct a short lecture and demonstration about wildlife or gardening. There are programs all day long. So many that one cant possibly take them all in.

One such program which I have always wanted to do, but have yet to, is *Discover the Stars* It takes place on Monday nights from 9 - 11 pm at the Pavilion Overlook. This year I brought my binoculars in preparation, but alas, I was already in bed!

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