Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Curtsy: Carol

Send me, O Lord, into the tasks of this day rejoicing.

Teach me that I labor to Thee,
that I eat and drink to Thy glory,
that I think and plan to the ends
which Thou hast laid before me.

Do Thou strengthen me that I may
become willing to sacrifice for others.

Teach me to look upon my life today
as given me to help my fellowmen.

Let me see in my profession,
in the need of those who depend on me,
in the want and struggle of the world about me,
my field for loving service.

Remind me again that my life,
my speech, my faith
is nothing without love.

Grant that I be ready to forgive,
quick in sympathy,
earnest in my rejoicing with those who are happy,
and zealous in bearing the burdens of my fellow-men.

In Jesus's name, Amen.

~ from the Lutheran Prayer Book


  1. This echoes my thoughts each morning as I sit before God--only they have said it much more poetically. If only I would remember to carry these thoughts through my day--such as yesterday when my dd informed me that the Dell computer sale for college students would end at the end of the month--last night. And we were waiting to do it in the last hours, why? I had plans!

    "Teach me to look upon my life today as given me to help my fellowmen."

    :-) Jean

  2. Yes, bring the words to mind during the day, O Lord.

    As you can see, Jean, Carol posted this over a week ago; and it kept coming back to mind.

    Very well said.

    Thanks for stopping by.