Thursday, July 12, 2007


Earlier this week I commented on Donna's query about picnics (scroll down entry to find fill-in-the-blank-question) and said that a picnic is not complete without fried chicken. On Sunday we'll kick off our annual family reunion with a picnic. In this case, every family packs their own and brings out their plates to a common area. This year in addition to serving my family, I've invited my parents and two old family friends (who're just dropping in for the day) to join us.

Our menu:

Krispy Fried Chicken (a local Pine Mtn favorite)
Green Beans
Rice Salad with artichokes
Sliced Tomatoes
Bread Ring

Iced Tea
Bloody Marys

Cookie Cake (common dessert shared by about fifty of us)

Even though meals are shared throughout the week, each family can retreat to their own cottage kitchens for meal planning and preparations. By the end of the week, there are usually leftovers, soooooooooooo on Friday night we have a final picnic where everyone brings out *leftovers*! It's loads of fun and it really helps clean out the 'fridges before we have to pack up and leave the next day.

One rainy year, we had a progressive picnic, in which we went from cottage to cottage with umbrellas, sampling leftovers.


  1. Great post Dana!!!
    I love hearing the details, oh! yes, I do :o)

    Great cake idea!

    Is there a lake at your camp?

    Have a wonderful, blessed time with your forever family :o)


  2. Yes, there is one small lake - big enough for water skiing tho; and a couple of swimming pools.

    There's lots to do which helps getting to know my nieces and nephews.