Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Circle Time

Every afternoon we gather
to *visit* - that is, sit around,
tell stories, ask questions,
get to know one another better.

L-R: DD#4, DD#2 behind DH, Me, Brother, SIL

Sunday, July 17, 2006

Getting a little larger, at any time of the day during our week-long family reunion, the circle is a special ingredient in our family fellowship.

Check my xanga for a picture of our little neighborhood away from home.


  1. Oh Dana!
    I really love seeing your family and hearing how you stick together and continue to get to know one another.

  2. Looks like that may be dd#2 in your pic behind your dh. no?

    and I see some of my boys in it too ;-)

  3. Whoops! You're right, Noel. I will change that typo. Thanks.

  4. Hi Dana, it's fun to see these pictures after hearing so much about your great reunions! Have a wonderful time.