Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday's Sermon

Title: Here We Raise Our Ebenzer
Text: I Samuel 7 (read from Geneva Bible, which is one used by early settlers)
Hymns: 616, 621, 293, 400 (all from blue Trinity Hymnal)

Photo Credit: Jay Shepherd

Brief Outline using Scriptural references and historical examples.

Psalm 145: 1-7 King David was a student of history
Proverbs 22:28 and 23: 10-12
Purpose of landmarks/memorial: remind and move (motivate)
Our country is busy tearing down boundaries and renaming landmarks.

A)OT examples of erecting monuments/memorials
1) Abraham at
2) Jacob at Peniel (Gen
3) Joshua at Gilgal (Joshua 4)
4) Israelites at Ebenezer (I Sam 7)

B)Larger Catechism Questions 107, 108, 109
1) Duty implied in second commandment: according to each one's place and calling, removing all monuments of idolatry. Scriptural supports: Deut 7:5 and Is 30:22

C)National Confession and Covenant Renewal
1) Samuel's prayer for his people (I Sam 7)
The people gathered, drew water and poured it out, fasted, and confessed their sins.

This sermon/speech was delivered at the dedication of the Children's Memorial to the settlers of Jamestown. I'm wondering if there was any confession of sin by the group gathered. Does anyone out there have access to a program?

D)Historical examples in early America for whom we should give thanks
1) John Tyler's speech given at 250th anniversary celebration of founding of Jamestown.
2) Richard Hakluyt - cartographer for Virginia Company - see its charter for purpose
3) John Smith - Puritan - read parts of his last will and testament.
4) Pocahontas - became a Christian
5) Robert Hunt - 1st preacher to the Jamestown settlers
6) Alexander Whitaker - most well known preacher to settlers
7) Sir Thomas West Deleroix (sp?) - abolished communal farming
8) Sir Thomas Dale - governor of Jamestown - read example of a law as well as excerpt from charter of third Virginia Company.
9) Edwin Sandez (sp) - responsible for representative government
10) Powantan - Indian boy who warned the settlers of impending attack and thereby preventing a massacre
11) Africans in Jamestown - next Sunday evening's sermon topic.

Jamestown Childrens Memorial

R L Dabney quote - make sure we retain all that is TRUE
Cranshaw's preface to Alexander Whitaker's sermon, Good News from Jamestown, re: great prize placed in the hands of fools.


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  2. Dana, There was no official time of confession of sins that I recall, though as different speakers prayed, I do believe that they asked God's forgiveness for corporate sins (the church, the nation...I'm thinking Pastor Morecraft and Marshall Foster did this).

    The sermon you have notes for here was magnificent. People should absolutely listen to it if it gets posted to Sermon Audio, or try to get the recording from the actual event. It was the best "speech" of the entire event.

    Thanks for the hymns that accompanied it at church.