Saturday, July 28, 2007


Muggy and hot after the morning rain, the weather was not ideal for walking, but I needed to get moving. I hadnt walked since last Friday! The temperature registered at 81 degrees with *Realfeel* at 95!

But again, I needed to accomplish my walk. It takes me 45 minutes to walk the neighborhood. Going up and down nine hills is sufficiently aerobic to be called a true workout. And I need to think of myself as *in training*!

These sandals are very comfortable and perfect for walking. Ordinarily I wear Nike cross-trainers with socks. But I'm wondering if I'll need some real hiking boots for my upcoming hike?

In eight weeks a friend and I will trek five miles to the Len Foote Hike Inn and enjoy a weekend in the north GA mountains. And I have to be able to walk five miles back out again.

I'm thinking the Smith Creek Trail might be a good training, too.

What are you doing in eight weeks?

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