Friday, September 08, 2006

Homeschooling Meme

5) One resource you would like to buy

A car!

Just when I think I cant respond to all the questions, an answer comes to mind. And I read in the answers of someone else where the response to this question was *a swimming pool!* That qualifies as PE, a bone fide subject to study. And if a swim team is organized, all the better :) So, that's why I think my answer of *a car* works. I will need a car soon. Not today. Maybe in 2007.

From my point of view transportation is essential part of homeschooling. Olga has served us well. That's the name of our 1993 Chevrolet Surburban with an odometer reading of 383,000 miles. She has served us so faithfully on our drive to and from school. 30-35 miles one ways adds up. Yup, we drive a lot. And there's probably more driving in the future, because we're not yet finished educating our charges.

Care to share what you drive?


  1. I sold a Surburban and bought a Honda Civic when I started driving the boys to school 22 miles away. That little car is still going strong.
    We also have a blue Volvo wagon.
    I think it is a great car and it gets very good gas milage.

    24 mpg in town and 29 on the highway.

  2. We also have a 1993 Chevrolet Suburban. I can't tell you the odometer because my guys have it out camping.

    Recently we bought a 1990 Subaru Legacy (for $800, can you believe it?) and it gets 32 mpg. My new driver much prefers it, even with its manual transmission, to the big tank of the Suburban.

  3. Our 97 Suburban died (mostly) and now I drive a pretty white 2004 Suburban. Can't drive anything smaller for several more years.

    Have a blessed weekend. :)