Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

The first Monday in September signifies the end of summer for me, despite the history of the holiday. I cant say that I much affinity for the political positions of most labor unions, but I do enjoy this *holiday* *they* have afforded me.

But before you head out to your own celebration, take the time to read this op-ed from the Seattle Times. It makes for interesting reading, because the writer brings up some good points. I tend to agree with the premise that it's not jobs which Americans wont do, it's wages they wont work for. During the Y2K hype, I personally thought there would have been more bedlam, if the immigrants hadnt shown up for work than if the computers didnt roll over to the proper date. I just dont *get it* when somebody *wont* work.

Oh, and let me know what you think of the last line of the editorial :)

PS In case Rhett is looking for me, I'm off to the BBQ!

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  1. *Where* do you find this stuff? Busts me up. I have friends who have extended family who grow strawberries. When my friends were teens they all worked the fields and pocketed the earnings. Now, the growers can't find any teens willing to work that hard. Sad.