Thursday, September 07, 2006

Homeschooling Meme

6) One resource you wish existed

Reduced income/property taxes.

For example, if there were fewer programs which needed to be funded, then we citizens wouldnt need to pay so much in taxes. Right?!

Specifically, I am talking about abolishing both the federal and state departments of education for the express purpose of returning this God-given responsibility to parents of the children. This would mean that parents would retain more of the fruits of their labors. Hopefully this way, these parents would be able to exercise more control over the schooling of their own children.

So often I am misunderstood by others when it is discovered that I am not a proponent of public education. If asked, I reference Samuel Blumenfeld's fine volume, Is Public Education Necessary? Just the preface to the book is chock full of good information, and I quote from page "x":

Out of this labor (research for the book) came some fascinating discoveries:
1) that American intellectual history is inseparable from its religious history
2) that public education was never needed
3) that literacy in America was higher before compulsory public education
4) that socialists, who were very active in the public school movement, began operating …in America as early as 1829
5) that philosophy is more powerful than economics
6) that religion, in the long run, is more powerful than philosophy

I can always wish :)