Thursday, September 14, 2006

Summer Reading Recap

In response to a blogger's reading challenge, on June 1st, I posted a list books I thought I might read over a period of three months. Just for recording-keeping purposes I am listing the books here as well. And in the spirit of homeschooling, I am categorizing my choices as if I were signing up for classes. It has been a good exercise to classify my reading. It keeps me from feeling so scatter-brained. Furthermore, this end-of-the-season synopsis is contributing to my feelings of accomplishment, since no one will be mailing out a report card in my life-long learning program, aka *school* :) See my reviews over on my xanga site.


The Complete Guide to Walking by Michael Fenton
Rival Lovers by Williams Ferguson Smith
My Flovilla by Eugenia Talitha Linch
Reference: Emily Post's Wedding Planner
Fiction: Light from Heaven by Jan Karon
Fine Arts
Fine Art Fridays participation (see weekly xanga posts)
Spirituals: Promised Land CD (see blog archive 6/19/06)
Home Comforts: Art & Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson
Ruth Bell Graham (see xanga entry 9/13/06)

After a couple more reviews, I plan to post my Autumn Challenge by 9/23, the official autumnal equinox for this year.


  1. Oh, NOW you've reminded me of Home Comforts. I purloined my DIL's copy and it's sitting quarter-read on my bedstand. Such a wonderful book. I noticed she has a new one out called Laundry.

  2. Since I'm entering this stage in life, I'm thinking Home Comforts might make a good *shower* gift :)

  3. Definitely, Dana! I would've loved to have received that book as a newlywed. I know your recipients will be thankful for it. :)