Friday, September 29, 2006

Memory Meme

In one of my 3am brainstorming sessions, I sat up in bed and mentally rattled off the answers to these questions with only a bit of trouble towards the end. Funny, I wonder what that says about the relationship between age and long term versus short term memory loss. TeeHee. At any rate, I meant to post this entry over the summer, so the answers are about two months off give or take. Leave me a link to your blog, if you decide to share some memories. In other words, if you stop by, consider yourself *tagged*

What was I doing?

30 years ago?
I had just finished my first year of college and was working as a lifeguard, teaching swimming lessons, and selling china and crystal at a local department store. I was living at home with my parents in Atlanta, GA.

25 years ago?
After having been married for six months, we were preparing to move from Kalamazoo, MI to Charleston, SC where DH started medical school. I got up at 4am to watch Princess Diana's wedding before the moving van arrived!

20 years ago?
I was great with child (DD#2) and anxious about my maternal grandmother's final illness. We were living in Gadsden, AL.

15 years ago?
The daughters and I had just returned to Canton, GA from a delightful vacation with paternal grandparents in southern Ohio. I started a scrapbook.

10 years ago?
I had just started working full-time for my husband, managing his family practice.

5 years ago?
The Jago side of the family had a family reunion. Unknown was Grandpa's death in four short months :(

1 year ago?
We had a Low Country Boil party, which was so much fun we had another one this year.

1 month ago?
Summer highlight this year? Juggling three cars between six drivers with six different jobs :)

DH and I took a drive to a lake about 90 miles south of home. We walked, talked, and dined together. It was romantic.

Slept later than normal; didnt get everything done at the office; left anyway for a 3-mile walk; fixed yummy meatloaf sandwiches for dinner; read til I fell asleep.

Saturday errands which I hope to start early in the day in order to avoid the heaviest crowds.

Day after Tomorrow?
Looking forward to worshipping with the saints.

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