Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Homeschooling Meme cont'd

4) One resource you enjoyed last year.

Participation in the production of a play, musical, or choral concert. Just last year, the musical was Camelot. There were at least three major choral concerts, but my favorite is the annual Lessons and Carols. I guess one understands that my children are the participants and DH and I are the spectators :)

As early as kindergarten, our children have been involved in productions. You know, those large group activities that require extra rehearsals, more cooperation, and intense pressures (stage gitters). I think it has been good training as well as fun. Participation continued through middle-and-high-school-aged years on into college. Currently, DD#4 is auditioning for jazz vocalist at her high school.

No doubt there are lots of stories to tell. There's certainly enough mementos (read packrat) for at least four scrapbooks. Here's a link to one online photo. DD#3and #4 are the only girls in this picture of the knighting of Sir Lancelot.

Thinking back on it, I have no trouble conjuring up memories. One occurred when I was in the fourth grade; and we worked together with the fifth graders to produce a variety show entitled *There's No Business like Show Business" I learned to dance The Charleston and wore a flapper dress. I had fun.


  1. That's the photo I want to in your flapper dress doing the Charleston! :)

    I haven't been commenting much but am enjoying reading your answers to the questions. (I hope the meme hasn't been burdensome. :S )

  2. Your girls are a perfect fit for Camelot!

    And why is it I can easily imagine you as a flapper?