Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vital Resource

One resource I would not be without.

The preached Word of God

The Bible is the first resource, which should go without saying. But because I believe that the majority of homeschoolers in the US do not base the education of their young on these holy writings, I mention it. And so, coupled with the actual written Word, I would be deficient in my preparation for teaching, if I were not hearing each week the preached Word of God. The two resources (Bible reading/study and preaching) go hand in hand.

In our family it is a top priority to be present on Sundays in congregational worship, where we are fed a feast of nutrionally-sound manna, not milky but meaty. Furthermore, this bread is not like the common white bread made from ingredients where many of the nutrients have been stripped, but an whole wheat variety full of living ingredients.

How does that translate into the ordinary homeschooling day/week. Up front, it calls for going to bed earlier on Saturdays! But also, when I am ordering the activities of the day/week, each day we prepare a little bit for Sunday. It can be as easy as reviewing applications from the sermon at Sunday dinner or singing the hymns together around the piano in the living room. Or the task can be even more concrete, like getting our clothes washed, dried, and pressed BEFORE Saturday, in order to make Sunday mornings somewhat less stressful.

The Sabbath is the highlight of the week: the most important event around which all other events revolve. There is no other more important day. It is vital to successful homeschooling.

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  1. I TOTALLY agree! We normally decline Saturday evening social invitations so we are fresh Sunday.

    I found it taxing when we first "moved" toward Sabbath keeping because I had previously used Sunday as a "catch-up" day. I realized that I had to work more diligently throughout the week. But I can truly say that our day of rest and worship is such a blessing.