Monday, September 24, 2007

Computer Woes and Apples

Averting a crisis is a lack luster job and that's what I've spent most of my weekend doing....

Starting with last Thursday when I cleaned off my 9.5 yds of desk space to this morning call's to technical support, I have been setting up a new desktop computer system. And no, I didnt want a new computer. But the ten-year old one is freezing often enough that I would be blind not to recognize that a crash is imminent.

At any rate, this kept me from the local apple festival, because I needed to stay at home in order to finish the laundry AND run back and forth to the computer to click *next* during the long installation and transfer process. It did afford me way too much time to read blogs (and comment) and start three new books. I have particularly enjoyed Sherry of Semicolon's focus on apples this month.

Thankfully there is still time to pick apples, enjoy the weather, and get Quickbooks up and running before the buzzer goes off.

What did you accomplish this weekend?


  1. I finished seaming an afghan and read a lot. Didn't really accomplish much of anything, but it was nice and restful!

  2. I'll tell you what I did this morning...cause it's more impressive than what I did last weekend.

    I shampooed the living room and the family room carpeting.

    But job.

    Love when it is done.

    Hate the idea of doing it.

    But it is done. again. and I am happy.

  3. My laptop is freezing up a lot and I expect it to go soon. Lucky for me I still have a desktop that is working fine!

    i hope you were able to pick at least a few apples!