Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Facts

About me :) Hmmmmm...

Earlier this week, Donna at Quiet Life tagged me with the task of posting eight random facts about me. In my haste, I linked to two *About Me* posts in her comment box, but realized later that I ignored the adjective *random* which qualified the challenge. So, here I correct myself.

1) I have attended 36 Parents Nights at my children's schools over the past 20 years. Last night was the last one! Hip Hip Hooray!

2) I had a root canal on a lower incisor when I was ten years old. It hurt.

3) I lived at 111 Elm Street, Mtn Home AFB, ID when I was five.

4) I met Princess Grace and her family when I was fifteen.

5) It is easier for me to remember birthdays and addresses than the words to songs or the names of actors/actresses.

6) I try to use both sides of a piece of paper.

7) I am a *morning* person.

8) I prefer salty over sweet :)

Bonus Fact: I have two blogs.

If you stumble across this game, consider yourself tagged!

Leave me a link to your list of 8 random facts.


  1. Julie tagged me, then I read your list (and invitation) because "H" is after "G", so I only mentioned Julie - sorry!

  2. Hey! I'm glad you redid this...I had read the I get to learn even more :o)

    Your address sounds famous.
    Perhaps...Perhaps Miracle on 34th Street?

    Yay for your last conference.

  3. I recently discovered that there are plans to tear down that military housing building. 11A Elm St will no longer exist as we knew it.... After all, it's probably pretty old by now.

  4. I followed your link from Dana's blog. I couldn't resist the title of your blog. Do you know my blog friend, Amanda? She is hiding her art too. :o)

    Nice to meet you.

  5. Hi Julie!
    Pleased to meet you.

    No, I dont know Amanda, but I'm headed over to meet her. That's neat that we have the same blog titles.

  6. Thanks, Noel, for the info about 11A Elm Street.....that will help update my memory :)

    Have you been back to drive around?

  7. I wouldn't be allowed on the base :-( I've been tempted to try, but when I heard they were tearing them down, I gave up.