Friday, September 21, 2007


Fashion this Friday is all about
color and accessorizing!

The weather is changing and the temperatures are dropping. So, just like last week I am highlighting a piece of clothing I rediscovered while unpacking my Fall and Winter clothes. This hand-me-down wool scarf is so large that it covers the entire image.

But look what I did with it.

Kind of goofy

hanging there

on the door

but it surely

did brighten

these browns.

And I got lots of compliments.

Do you wear scarves?


  1. I wear a lot of scarves, mostly outdoors.

    I completely love the Grace Kelly scarf in the convertible look.

    I think that is so elegant.
    But no one really wears a scarf like that anymore.

    I wanted to buy a Hermes scarf in Paris...and then I saw the prices and came to my senses.

  2. Yeah, scarves on the head nowadays is a sure sign of chemotherapy. :(

    I go through phases with scarves, but basically I think they can be an artistic complement without the expense of fine jewelry.

    But then again...I wasn't thinking Hermes!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Dana. That is a very nice scarf. I don't wear them but I do like the way they compliment an outfit.

    I posted the rib recipe today. :)

  4. I have lots of scarves, but I don't really wear them - I don't have the knack - or maybe they look goofy with long hair... I don't know what it is.